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Playful Baby Elephants Puzzle | African Elephant Jigsaw Puzzle 252 Pieces or 500 Pieces | Orphaned Elephant Puzzle | Chipboard Puzzle

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Visiting an elephant orphanage is life-changing! We visited an elephant orphanage in Nairobi, and we were able to watch the baby elephants come in for a midday snack and playtime. The baby elephants here are playfully sizing each other up and learning useful skills that they will use in the wild to protect themselves.

Elephants are social animals and they love connecting with other elephants. As we watched them here, the baby elephants took a mud bath to coat their skin in mud and dirt as sunscreen, then they went off to play. They were fed with milk and water before their activities.

We converted our beautiful baby elephant image into a jigsaw puzzle that will bring you and your family joy as you put the pieces together. This elephant puzzle is made with high-quality chipboard pieces, and they are available in 252-Piece and 500-Piece variations. Ships in gift-ready metal box for a show-stopping presentation. 

These amazing elephant puzzles are available in 11x14 inches and 15X20.5 inches. The elephant pictures are sublimated on chipboard material, then finished in satin. This die cut puzzle board comes contained in a stylish metal tin that is ready for gifting. The game’s 252 or 500 precisely interlocking pieces make an excellent gift for any soon-to-be puzzled enthusiasts. Challenging enough to draw the whole family’s attention for an evening. 

  • 252 or 500 precise interlocking pieces
  • Satin finish image sublimated on chipboard
  • Comes in a beautiful metal tin ready for storage or perfect for gifting

Care instructions: Wipe the dirt or dust off gently with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Puzzle Size Chart:

  14" × 11" (252 pcs) 20.5" × 15" (500 pcs)
Width, in 14.00 20.50
Height, in 11.00 15.00


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