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Spotting the African Leopard while on Safari

Humans are fascinated by big cats like like the Leopard:

See if you can spot the leopard on the tree in the image below.

Spot the Leopard in on the tree_Elefootprints
Spot the Leopard in on the tree_Elefootprints

Leopards can be found in Africa, parts of the Middle East, and Asia, including China, India, and eastern Russia. We were fortunate to capture these wonderful leopard videos and images during our trip to Africa. I say fortunate because leopards are not easy to spot "pun intended!" They like to hunt early in the mornings or late in the evening because they get hot, then they spend the rest of their time hiding from the sun and predators.

Watch the video we took while on safari in Kenya. It was amazing to see this beautiful creature in person in his element in nature.


Leopards are adaptive cats, but they live a solitary life, and this also makes them harder to find. Did you know that leopards have adapted to their environment, and they can see seven times better than humans in the dark? Wow, that's what you call prefect vision. Their heightened sense of sight affords them security in the dark against predators and allows them to hunt for food as well.

African Leopard climbing a tree_Elefootprints
African Leopard climbing a tree in the National Reserve_Elefootprints

Leopards are great tree climbers, but they actually spend most of their time on the ground. They use trees to scope the land for prey, to hide their prey after hunting and to hide from predators.

Leopard resting on a tree in Africa_Elefootprints
Leopard resting on a tree in Africa_Elefootprints

Leopard males are much larger than their female counterparts in body and head size. The males can weigh up to 200 pounds and the females can weigh up to 135 pounds. Leopards can run at speeds of up to 36 miles an hour.

Thank you for reading our blog and for watching our leopard video.

Leopard climbing a tree in Kenya_Elefootprints
Leopard climbing a tree in Kenya_Elefootprints

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